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Callao Learning Centre is a small British primary school in Callao Salvaje which opened in November 2011. It has been awarded certification from the British Council recognising its status as a British School in Spain. A copy of this certificate can be seen under the Legal Notices tab.


This multinational school for children aged 3-12 encourages pupils to learn at their own pace, using structured individual education plans to develop their English and Maths skills. The school uses continuous assessment strategies and task analysis record keeping. This ensures we can closely monitor the progress of each child to share with parents through regular detailed reports. The UK based curriculum is delivered by a topic based approach, to fire enthusiasm and increase self-confidence in the learners.


Mrs Jean Simpson, B.Ed (HONS), is a fully qualified teacher with many years’ experience in the UK, including nine years as a Head teacher. The school team create learning plans for pupils in a family setting, to develop their basic skills, increase their self-confidence and to give them an ability to take the best advantage of the opportunities life offers them.


The team: 

Mrs Jean Simpson, Headteacher & Administrator responsible for day to day organisation, administration and delivery of the British National Curriculum tailored to the needs of each individual child.


Mrs Liz McGarty, Deputy Headteacher and class teacher based in room 6 with the older children


Senora Rosa Ruiz is the class teacher based in room 4. She is the Spanish language and culture teacher, and also teaches Art & Sport throughout the school.


Miss Louise Halley is the class teacher based in room 3, working with Reception and Year 1 children.


 Miss Bleu Taylor is the class teacher based in room 2 with the youngest group of children.


Mrs Jenny Coyles, part time teaching assistant, who works across the school.


Mrs Tracy Davies who teaches sign language to the children.


Mr Stephan Simpson is the Business Manager who deals with daily administration and finance, and also teaches ICT throughout the school.


All the children work with all the teachers through the course of the week.


In their school life, many pupils find they come to a sticking place and need specialised help to regain control of their learning. By careful analysis of their present achievement, a programme is devised for each pupil to develop their skills further.


The small, mixed age groups provide a setting for pupils to work without the peer pressure of a mainstream school and for individual targets to be achieved without external expectation of results or league tables. High standards of individual work however are expected and the children are given clear guidelines as to their own personal targets and every achievement is celebrated.


The daily curriculum includes the Foundation subjects Maths, English and Spanish.  This year we are planning for increased bi-lingual lessons to develop a wider understanding of Spanish, within the existing weekly allocation of 5 hours of Spanish lessons. Throughout the week opportunities are provided for the children to take part in sports and to join in with creative activities and social and technical computer skills.


Reading skills are taught with a phonic based approach that is compatible with systems in use on the island and in the UK. Maths is taught using a multisensory approach to aid concept formation and develop good foundations for future development. The broad based curriculum is designed to reflect and engage the children’s natural curiosity and wonder at the world around them.


Children are given regular homework. All children are expected to read for 10 minutes daily, or complete a reading activity appropriate for their age.  When they are able, children are given spellings and tables to learn for weekly tests. Class 4 will be expected to complete more formal homework in preparation for Seconday School.


The teaching day runs from 08.50 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.

Extra English classes  are provided for children from other schools between 4.00p.m. - 5.00p.m. two days a week.


Lunches: available every day or a packed lunch brought from home.

The children may bring a snack and a non-fizzy drink for mid morning break.


For more information please email info@callaolearning.org  

Tel: (0034) 922 742 000 / (0034) 695 978 551


Please look at our facebook link below, which shows the most recent daily activities of the children.