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  • Dave Thompson (Thursday, July 04 19 03:33 pm BST)

    Copie from Facebook with permission.

    Our kids loved the school from day one. As parents of a very shy 7year old and even shyer 5year old we were worried. But they came out after the first day having had a great time, and that didn’t change during our term visit. The 3months went by very quick, but our kids made very many friends, which we are very grateful for. Our kids went back to Scotland and into their classes as if the hadn’t missed any lessons (except Spanish which they now excel in). Thanks to all the staff, we really appreciate the effort to make our children feel comfortable, settled and happy. Hopefully we will see you all again very soon.

  • Angela Clocherty (Thursday, July 04 19 03:09 pm BST)

    Copied with permission.

    My daughter has been here for a year now and I have to say we all love this lovely family school. Amelie has grown so much in confidence thanks to the wonderful, caring and professional teachers.There is no shortage of activities from Spanish to swimming but most of all the philosophy of learning through play is one which speaks to our child the most. It’s a joy to see Amelie skip to school in the morning, we can’t thank you all enough . See you in September! Xxxxx

  • Sonja Lowiki (Thursday, July 04 19 03:07 pm BST)

    Copied with permission:

    My very shy and easily frustrated 7-year-old boy started at the Callao Learning Centre in April 2019. He attended a German school before that (in Germany) and struggled a lot with the language barrier as his mother tongue is English. He received very little help and was bullied. So I was very nervous but also very hopeful about the change of schools. And I can honestly say, this was the best move ever. In those few months my sensitive little boy blossomed in a way I hardly thought possible. He now loves going to school, whereas before the days usually began with tears because he didn't want to go to school. Before, getting him to read (for example, there are plenty others...) was a torture for us both, now when home from school he takes his reading book out of his school bag and wants to read, even before eating his meal 😄
    The teachers have the most wonderful approach, they really see the kids and their needs and give guidance and direction, and love. I can see all that every day in my son's eyes.
    I am so happy I came across this school and am very, very grateful for all the patience and hard work absolutely everyone here is doing every single day. Thank you all so much!

  • Zoe Lagadec (Wednesday, May 01 19 10:26 am BST)

    Copied with permission.
    My daughter has been attending the Callao Learning Centre for 3 years during our regular visits to Tenerife. On our most recent visit she told me how much she loves going there as "We learn, but its really fun, through play" which is how learning should be - fun and playful! It's fantastic for me to have a "2nd school" for Hana during our visits to the Canaries.

  • Vladislav Pankov (Sunday, July 08 18 08:59 pm BST)

    Copied with permission from an email 28/6/2018

    Dear Jean! First of all, my wife and I would like to thank you very much for the care and training of our three children in Your school for a year and a half. Thanks to You and your team members, the children have gained invaluable knowledge and skills that will remain with them for life. Our children were not a " gift " for school and teachers, working with them was not always easy. Many times during these 18 months we have admired your restraint and professionalism in working with our children. I hope that You will understand my position regarding further education of children related to their transfer to the UK. For my wife and me, it is not an easy decision, not only because of the change of residence and financial costs, but also because of the need to leave your school. I remember myself in my childhood and I remember my mother leaving a prestigious job at the Ministry, just to be able to spend more time with her son and his studies at school. Since then, more than 30 years have passed, and now I understand that my mother did not waste time in vain. I will have to do the same and I am very happy that you and Your school have helped me in this difficult task. As a token of my appreciation, and in order to support Your excellent school, I have decided not to take away the full Deposit for the children's education . So I ask you to keep one third of our Deposit and spend this small amount on improvements for the school at your discretion. With best wishes and thanks Vladislav Pankov

  • Cristina Verga Dubini (Sunday, July 08 18 08:43 pm BST)

    Copied with permission forn email 22/4/2018

    My two daughters are very excited to attend this school with excellent teachers and such a rich program. The pool is such a great opportunity. The food is delicious and you can choose every day what your child will eat. Ms. and Mr. Simpson are simply the greatest! Thank you so much.

  • Juliana (Sunday, July 08 18 08:42 pm BST)

    Copied from an email with permission 22/6/2018

    Dear Mrs. Simpson, I want to use the occasion to express my great appreciation to you and your team for all efforts and attention towards him during this school year. Very many thanks! Have a nice summer!

  • Paulius and Neringa Kavaliauskai (Sunday, July 08 18 08:37 pm BST)

    Copied from an email with permission 29/5/2018

    We want to thank You for given opportunity to Tadas to study in Your school! We are really happy on Tadas development, especially on his English skills, he learnt a lot new facts about British history, started to speak a little bit of Spanish. He also made a lot of new friends, so, we are really happy about time spent in Callao Learning Centre and Tenerife!

    We wish You and Your team to keep developing the School, a lot of Fruitful years and a lot of Happy kids around You!

  • Małgorzata Załęcka (Sunday, July 08 18 08:16 pm BST)

    Copied from an email with permission

    On Wed, 2 May 2018 at 17:20, Małgorzata Załęcka > wrote:
    We are very grateful for this year of education. Julian has changed for these months, gained confidence and broadened his horizons. It is a really hard decision for us but we need to handle our business in Poland. Still it is our dream to come back for one more year. We don't rule out the possibility to come back. Hope our dreams come true. Thank you again.

  • Linda Caride (Sunday, July 08 18 08:12 pm BST)

    Copied with permission from an email 22/5/2018

    Wanted to say thanks for organising Jungle park trip. Angie had a fantastic time there and keeps talking about holding orangatans ... what an amazing thing to do. The children were very lucky to go there (friends' kids in UK were all doing SATS that day!! Enough said!). We are so lucky to have you and your school! Linda x

  • Maxim Zhinov (Sunday, July 08 18 08:08 pm BST)

    Copied with permission from an email 18/2/2018

    Thank you so much!
    We are fine. Lev had all mark - "excellent" in previos trimestre. I think, what it is result his study at your school. Thank you!

  • Elena (Monday, April 04 16 06:19 pm BST)

    Copied with permission from an email. 4/4/2016

    Dear Mrs. Simpson,
    We want to thank you and all school staff for amazing work with kids! My 4,5 yo son really liked the school time and it was such a pleasure see how happy he is! It's wonderful that kids are really
    get along together and even willing to play with schoolmates after classes. Of course the most impressive thing is the knowledge he get - after few months in the school I can say he started to speak
    English from almost zero knowledge! He understands what people are telling him and able to reply, he can count in English and even asks me to play his bedtime cartoons in English now!
    The teachers are very professional and kind, all kids are following the rules and have a correct understanding of discipline and I really liked that my son is educated in that environment and
    Thank you very much!
    Best wishes!

  • Victor (Monday, April 04 16 01:26 pm BST)

    Thank you for the amazing job you've done with Arvid. In less than five months my son is able to communicate in English. Arvid enjoyed his time in CLC a lot. I would highly recommend the Callao
    Learning Centre for both long and short term studies.
    Best wishes,

  • Yoko Iiyama (Sunday, March 06 16 11:12 am GMT)

    Copied from Facebook with permission 1/3/2016.

    Dear Mrs Simpson,
    I actually do not know the exact date but we have decided to move to Germany therefore, I have decided that Kota's last day of school will be the last day of term..
    He was not able to go to school before and he was very poor in English however, going to the school made him more confident and so much better in English. We are very surprised and grateful.
    Thank you so much, if we are ever to come back to Tenerife, we will be sure you to contact the school for Kota again.
    Thank you again.

  • Luca Zuddas (Sunday, March 06 16 11:07 am GMT)

    Copied from Facebook with Permission 5/2/2016.

    Luca Zuddas

    Dear mrs Simpson. Wednesday I'll come to give you the computer and some other small things that Alice want give at the school and obviously to say goodbye to all. My apologize for been unable to
    properly communicate with you but she ask me to express all her gratitude to you, your husband, Miss Field ,Mrs McGarthy and sra Ruiz to what you've done for our daughter. We'll never forget the
    fantastic time you gave to Alice and we'll miss you all. xx

  • Sarah Van Der Wal (Friday, November 06 15 05:31 pm GMT)

    Reproduced from Facebook with permission.

    Hi Mrs Simpson.
    You and your teachers did the very same for Dean. Since coming back to Ireland and going back to school he is coming on in leaps and bounds. He is actually a head of his class mates in English and
    maths. The 2 years he was in your school were very enjoyable for him and for us as parents.
    Same as the parent above if you need anything from me to share our wonderful experience with you and your school and teaching staff just let me know.

    Thanks for everything
    Sarah , Oliver and Dean xx

  • Emanuela (Friday, October 16 15 02:12 pm BST)

    Copied from Facebook with permission:

    Dearest Mrs.Simpson, I decided to write to you ...just to thank you and all the Callao Learning Centre for the amazing job you've done with Verena, she's now a confident-relaxed-english-speaking
    student and we really owe it all to you. The year that Verena spent in your school has been vital for her. She's now attending ST. George's Barcelona and the teacher says she's got an excellent level
    on practically all subjects (even math!!!)

    So dearest : THANK YOU. I read that you are still struggling with the school certifications and so. and I am very sorry to hear that...if only they knew what an amazing job you do there, they would
    have to make it easier for you.

    If there is any thing I can do in terms of sharing my experience there or other..please let me know. I hope you, Mr Simpson and ALL the staff there are fine. You all are in our hearts.

    God bless you


  • Anete Kirkeboe (Sunday, April 26 15 07:54 pm BST)

    My daughter attended the Callao Learning Centre while we were staying 8 weeks in Tenerife. I was amazed by how much she learned during those 8 weeks. The teaching was tailored to her skill-level. Her
    English vocabulary increased dramatically, she improved her reading and writing skills and her understanding of math. She also had a lot of fun learning some Spanish, having PI and doing crafts. We
    are extremely grateful to Mrs. Simpson her team for this wonderful opportunity!

  • Gintare Jarasiuniene (Wednesday, May 07 14 08:13 am BST)

    Copied from Facebook with permission:

    I am so happy that we let our son to this wonderful school. First day at school he didn't speak English, could't write, read. His counting abilities were weak. After 8 months he feels confident with
    English, reads, writes and counts with a big enthusiasm. We are thankful from the bottom of our hearts to Mrs.Simson and her team. We got everything we expected (the only expectation was - to enjoy
    time at school and develop social skills) and a huge bonus- his genuine interest for knowledge. Thank you!

  • Gintare Jarasiuniene (Wednesday, April 30 14 10:26 pm BST)

    Thank you to everyone for unforgettable time Paulius had at school. A special thank you to the teachers for their input in Paulius achievements. This school made our time in Tenerife very special and

  • Lynsey Moore (Sunday, February 09 14 09:56 pm GMT)

    Comment reproduced from Facebook with permission.

    My daughter goes to Callao Learning Centre, and she has achieved more there in 4 months than she did in 7 years in the UK. The staff are supportive and the lessons daughter hasn't
    had a "Monday tummy ache" once and loves going to school.

  • Faye Chapman (Sunday, February 09 14 09:54 pm GMT)

    Comment reproduced from Facebook with permission.

    My 6 year old daughter goes to the local spanish school and I'm very happy with her progress. I also send her for after school english lessons at Callao Learning with Jean Simpson. It's one of the
    best things I've done for her, it's a fantastic school with very supportive teachers and the improvement iny daughter is immense.

  • Juta Moustgaard (Tuesday, August 21 12 11:53 am BST)

    Dear mrs Jean Simpson
    My name is Juta Moustgaard and I have ten year old son Nils-Christian.
    We moved here from Estonia and I am looking a school for my son who finishd third grande in Estonia.
    I would like to know is it possible to put my son in your school.
    Thank You!
    I hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards

  • Elaine Whillock (Friday, July 20 12 03:20 pm BST)

    Comment reproduced from Facebook with permission.

    Fantastic service yes, my daughter was with Jean for years, and helped her so much. highly recommended

  • Karen Thomas-Mctiffin (Friday, July 20 12 03:17 pm BST)

    Comment on Facebook, reproduced with Permission.

    Thank you to Callao Learning Centre and Mrs Jean Simpson Stephen asked to go to Summer School and is loving every minute of it. I highly recommend anyone to go here, you can take your little ones for
    an hour or two, all day, or all week the choice is yours. Many Thanks again

  • Ashley Oulton (Tuesday, June 26 12 12:52 pm BST)

    A really wonderful school!
    Ashley Oulton from Tenerife

    My son who is nearly 12 years old attended the Callao Learning Centre for nearly 2 years from September 2010 until April 2012. He has slight learning difficulties and was diagnosed with Dyslexia a
    few years ago and was struggling in the mainstream school system, and was falling further and further behind his peers. As a consequence his self confidence and self esteem were very badly affected.
    However, through Mrs Jean Simpson’s “individual learning programmes” and expert help he very quickly developed his self confidence and belief in himself, and he really flourished at the Callao
    Learning Centre. His reading and writing improved dramatically. However, the most important change was in his attitude to learning, his wanting to learn and explore. Jean Simpson is a wonderful
    teacher and she opened his eyes and his mind to learning. It was such a pleasure to watch him come home from school and pick up his favourite Encyclopedia and immerse himself in it. To see him
    reading the descriptions and craving knowledge was so very special. My son was very happy at Callao Learning Centre and I do not remember him ever saying that he did not want to go to school on any
    day that he was there. He loved all of his teachers and classmates, and I know he misses them all very much now that he has moved up to a secondary school. I would highly recommend the Callao
    Learning Centre not just for children that may be having difficulties with learning for whatever reason but also children that just need a more "Village School" warm and friendly type environment in
    which to learn in.