What is the School Uniform?

T-shirts  & Polo shirts are available from the school.

Blue, black or purple shorts, trousers or skirts.

Purple, blue or black track suit/sweater for cooler days.

Children in Classes 1 & 2 should have a complete change of clothes in case of "accidents".

Sensible shoes or sandals. No Heelies, Crocs or flip flops.

No jewellery, except discrete ear piercings. These MUST be removed for all sports lessons for safety reasons.

Long hair should be tied off the face.

Watches may be worn, at the discretion of the class teacher.



Do the children need any equipment?

The children will need a small back pack without wheels, to carry their pencil case, homework folder, lunch, snack box and drinks.

Their own pencil case containing pencils, colouring pencils, a rubber, a ruler, highlighter, scissors, glue stick and a pencil sharpener.

 An unbreakable water bottle marked with the childs name. which can be refilled at school as required.

Sports equipment as detailed below.

The school provides all other materials required.


What happens for PE?

The children will take part in a wide range of sporting activities.

Older children will mostly have lessons at the sports ground by the Catholic church 


The younger children will mostly have lessons in the school grounds or at the Plaza by the Community church.  In the warmer weather some sports lessons will be at the swimming pool.


The children should have a complete change of clothes for their sports lesson.

This should be a  white T-shirt, black or blue sports shorts, socks and trainers. They may wear their sports kit to school and change into their uniform once they get back to school, after the lesson. They should have a bottle of water with them for their lesson.

For swimming lessons, costumes and towels are required.

Goggles may be worn.

Arm bands or other suitable flotation devices that can be worn, should be provided for any child that cannot swim.


Can the children bring mobile phones to school?

The children may use the school phone if there is any need to communicate with parents, so mobile phones are discouraged. If it is necessary for the child to bring one, then it must be switched off and stored in the office during the day.


Do the children need any money for school?

Any money that children need to bring for activities outside and after school should be handed in at the office for the day.


Can the children bring toys or electrical equipment to school?

No toys or electrical equipment should be brought to school without permission.


Do the children have any homework?

Older children will be given a homework folder to contain their Home-School Reading Record Book. and reading book or material; as well as spellings or tables to be learnt for the weekly tests.

Parents are invited to write any questions or to make comments about their children’s work to share with us. Teachers will also use this to send information home about any tasks the children are given.


All children are expected to read every day, and take responsibility for recording their reading progress as soon as they can.

Individualised spelling and table tests are timetabled weekly, for children in Classes 2, 3 & 4.

Class 1 assessments will be continuous.

The staff will help children to record any other homework and the date for completion in their own log books.


How is the day organised?

Children can arrive in the playground at the back of the school from 08.30, where they will be supervised until they enter school at 08.50.

We ask that parents do not enter school to speak with the teachers at this time except by prior arrangement as the teachers are busy preparing their lessons for the day.

Mr Simpson will be available in the school to deal with any administrative matters. 


The children work from 9.00 – 10.30 as appropriate for their age and according to the timetables.

A break is taken until 11.00 when the children get a chance to socialise whilst eating snacks and non-fizzy drinks brought from home. 

At 1.00 we break for lunch. Children with a packed lunch eat at the school and those who have ordered a meal go to the Italian Corner, except for Wednesdays which is Pizza day and which is eaten at school.  Children may bring a packed lunch every day.

By 2.00 we are back at work until the day ends at 3.30 pm. We appreciate parents waiting outside until the children are all ready to leave, except by prior arrangement.


What happens if my child is unable to come to school?

The school appreciates a phone call, text or email to let us know if a child is unable to attend school for any reason.


How do I talk to the teachers?

As the school has got busier it is important to arrange an appointment to talk with Mrs Simpson or other members of staff if you have anything you wish to discuss. There will be parent meetings in the late Autumn Term and another in the Summer Term.  Written reports will be issued in the Spring Term. This will provide you with opportunities to see the progress and discuss future targets for your child. You can contact us by email, Facebook message or text rather than by phone during the day unless the message is urgent, as all staff will be involved with the children, and we  do not have a secretary.


Can I help out at the school with craft or other activities?

Unfortunately the employment laws in the Canaries prohibit the use of volunteers in the classroom so we are unable to accept all the very kind offers of help we receive.


What happens if I can’t collect my child on time?

Very often there are staff in the Centre until 6.00 pm so your child will be kept safely in the Centre until you can reach us.