School Fees September 2019


At Callao Learning Centre, we have always put children above profit and kept a very high teacher to pupil ratio.  Currently we have 4 full time teachers for under 50 children, plus Mr Simpson and myself. This is probably the highest ratio of any school in Tenerife whilst our fees remain competitive when compared with other independent schools.


This comes at a cost, and requires careful budgeting.  We have always been very flexible, and not asked for large deposits from parents, or asked for long notice periods of a child leaving.


Unfortunately, some parents are not so considerate and have taken advantage of this, and either do not turn up, having reserved a place for their child; leave with no or very little notice, or fail to pay their fees. This causes difficulties for us on an already tight budget.In view of this and so we can budget properly in future, we have brought in some new procedures.


We have introduced a non-refundable €100 registration fee, which all parents will need to pay, to secure a place for their children to attend Callao Learning Centre.


The money raised from the registration fees will be used towards replacing books and equipment which have become worn out and improving the facilities at the school.


Additionally, for full time pupils an initial payment of two months’ fees will be payable.  First month’s fees, plus one month’s deposit.


One month’s written notice of leaving the school will be required, or the deposit will be retained in lieu of notice.   Where proper notice is given, the deposit will either be returned or used as the last month’s fees.


Due to increased costs, from September 2019 we have had to increase the school fees to €400 per month, an increase of €25 per month.  This is the first increase since 2016 when we had to start charging IGIC, and the first real increase in fees since 2015.


We are still very competitive when compared to other independent schools. Especially when you take into account our staff/pupil ratio of approx. 1-12.


Any of our existing parents who may have difficulty in paying either the registration fee or the additional month’s fee in September, are asked to please contact us privately to discuss the matter as we are happy to help.


The fee structure for September 2019 is given below.